NEWLONG KS-16 For Paper Bag With and Without Inner PE Film

Heat Sealer For Heavy-Duty Paper Bag
Compact and Completely Sift-Proof Packaging System
One Lined Closure of Paper Bag
Simple Adjustment and High Performance
Easy Control of Heater Bar Temperature
High Level of Sealed and Stitched Closure

 NEWLONG KS-23 For Paper Bag With Inner PE Film

Model HP-35 Hot Printer is equipped in the model.
Either one/two line printing is available by means of a change lever.
No adjustment required for this change-over.
Printing tape brake detector equipped as standard.

 NEWLONG KS-184 For Milk-Powder or Foodstuff Packaging.

KS-184 is Superior to all KS Series.
KS-184 Comes With Heater Bars and Four Pairs Cooling Bars
Effective For Heavier Multiwall Bag
Dust Cleaner Gurantees a Hygenic Treatment For Food Products

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