Single Needle, Plain Feed, Flat Bed, Double Thread Overseaming Stitch Machine for overseaming of light weight to heavy weight jute or PP/PE woven cloth bags. Extra heavy duty machine for overedging very thick material. The wide overseam width 15mm increases seam strength. Overseam width 10mm is available by replacing some parts.


Single needle, Plain Feed, Flat Bed, Three Thread Overseaming Stitch Machine for overedging carpets, rugs, etc (HR-4A). Model HR-4B is designed for two thread overseaming stitch. Curved line sewing and small circles are available by HR-4AC and HR-4BC. Extra heavy duty machine designed especially for overedging very thick carpets with wide overseam width upto 12mm.


Single Needle, Plain Feed, Flat Bed, Single Thread Machine for fringing on carpets, rugs, etc. The fringe length is adjustable from 55mm to 80mm (standard 55mm). It is recommende to use 4P clutch motor instead of 2P, so that the machine can get a suitable speed 650r.p.m. with motor pulley Ø45 and V-belt M57 (pulley size Ø40 and V-belt M56 on 60Hz).