3CM-52 - Automatic Bagging Machine

Automatic Bagging Machine With Volumetric Batcher
Especially for gardening soil, gravel, compost and granules of same kind.
Automatic system for bag feeding, filling and closing (impulse-sealing).
The compact-designed with a minimum space serves to improve packing works and to save labor costs. This is the smallest auto-bagging machine.

Capacity (bags/hour) 400-450(depending on products, bag size and bag materials)
Bag Materials Mono-polyethylene bag
Bag Size Available (mm) L500-620 x W400-420, Thickness 0.12
Filled Capacity (liter) 16-22
Power Required (kW) Approx.4.9
Vacuum pump 1.5kw
Air consumption (Nl/min.) 400 (0.5Mpa)
Machine Dimension (m) Approx. L2.5 x W4.0 x H2.8
Machine Weight (kg) 1300

 3CM-PS - Automatic Bagging Machine

Besides paper bags, woven-cloth and polyethylene bags are widely used in every field of industry, including fertilizer, animal feed and resin pellets and Model 3CM-P is designed to meet a variety of bag materials.
Based upon 3CM-P, a series of models, e.g. 3CM-PS (with servo-motor drive), 3CM-PVR (with vibration air evacuation), 3CM-PD (double filling system) have been developed for further diversification of bagging requirements.

Capacity (bags/hour) 1200 (depending on products, bag size and bag materials)
Bag Materials a. Kraft paper bag, paper cloth bag
b. PP/PE woven-cloth bag (inner laminated)
c. Mono-polyethylene bag
Bag Size Available (mm) L750-950 (in case of a.), L750-950 (b), L550-750 (c.)
W400-520 x GW75
Filled Weight (kg) 20-30
Power required (kW) Approx.12 (not included for sewing machine or heat sealer)
Air consumption (Nl/min.) 2000 (0.5Mpa)
Machine Weight (kg) 400

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